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How Tioex works

Learn how our platform works, and how to invest.

Tioex is a member-

driven platform creating unprecedented access to the private tech market.

Privately held tech companies have created massive wealth. But most people cannot access or afford to invest in companies like Cake, Einride, and Klarna.
Tioex is on a mission to create new opportunity in the world of private tech investment. Built by a team of Sweden’s top tech operators, Tioex members co-invest to purchase secondary shares of tomorrow’s blue-chip tech companies, today.

Proud investors in

How we choose opportunities


Every company shows
potential for an exit

Tioex companies have a defined exit strategy in terms of IPO and/or M&A.


Every company must be

We bet on big businesses, not big ideas. We look for companies with proven business models and considerable recurring revenue.


Every company is backed by an established VC

Tioex companies must be backed by established venture capital investors. This assures that there is a market-based valuation of the company, a proper due diligence process has been completed, there is a shareholders agreement in place, and there is a professional board.

Partners at Tioex invest alongside members

The people that run Tioex invest in all opportunities, which means we share potential risk and upside with our members.

You win, we win

In the event of an exit, investing members first recoup their initial investment. If there is profit beyond that, Tioex receives 20% of the profit.
This is our incentive for presenting the best opportunities, what drives us in going above and beyond in service to our members.

Our interests are aligned

As our partners invest their private money, it is in our interest to present the best opportunities.


Our investments are not a guarantee of success. But it gives a signal that we think this is a big opportunity.

We focus on delivering value

Our big upside lies in the investment going well and making a profit.


We do not charge for the purchase of shares, the legal or the administration.

How Tioex


Learn how our platform works, and how to invest.

Tioex unlocks bigger opportunities for smaller investors

You spend less than 5 minutes to invest


Payments must be made within three working days after the subscription form has been signed.

Join Tioex

Tioex opportunities are open exclusively to our members.


When a new investment opportunity becomes available, members subscribe for shares. As a subscriber, you join a special purpose vehicle formed by Tioex with the sole purpose of investing and administrating in the targeted company.

We take care of the entire process

Follow your investments

Once you have made an investment, you can excitedly follow the company's progress on our website.


We continuously select the most important news about the company and other public information so that you can easily stay up to date!​​


After the deal is approved, we transfer the money to the sellers and the shares are transferred to us.


As an investor, you will receive a settlement note confirming your ownership. You can always find the documentation in our investment portal.


Once subscription is complete, Tioex submits an application to the target company on behalf of you and other Tioex investors to have the investment approved. 


The review usually includes approval from the board and a process around right of first refusal (ROFR), this takes approximately 30 days.

You can follow the entire process in our investment portal.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the risks of investing in private companies?
    It’s important to understand the risks of investing in private companies: These are illiquid investments and your capital may be locked up for long periods of time These are risky investments and you may lose part or all of your holdings There is often limited information available to investors, as the companies are private and are not required to share information
  • What is the minimum amount required to invest with Tioex?
    The minimum investment level varies depending on the opportunity, but is generally around SEK 50,000.
  • How much does it cost to use Tioex?
    There are no fees to join Tioex or to invest in opportunities with us. In the event of an exit, investing members first recoup their initial investment. If there is profit beyond that, Tioex receives 20% of the overall amount.

Finally the best part – we exit

In the event of an IPO, your shares will most likely be distributed to a specified account. In the event of a sale of the company, we will transfer the proceeds to your specified bank account.
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