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Tioex fills an important void

and creates a healthier ecosystem

We believe that more people should have access to the wealth created by private tech companies.

We also believe that shareholders of private companies should have increased control over when and how they sell their shares.

Tioex exists to meet both needs.

Our platform creates more opportunity for investors and more liquidity for shareholders. In doing so, we’re creating a healthier, more vibrant ecosystem for everyone.



We’re a team of builders, executives, and investors united by our passion for tech and investing. Our investors and network have held leading positions at companies such as Klarna, Spotify, iZettle and Skype and have been involved in building up the technology sector in Sweden.

Our team

Johan Hägglund

Founding Partner, CEO

Nima Marefat

Partner, COO

Fredric Blommé Sekund

Partner, General Counsel

Our story

Swedes have a strong tradition of investing. While previous generations preferred to invest in public blue-chips like Ericsson, SEB, and Volvo, today's most exciting opportunities come from the private market. We want to be able to make it possible to invest in tomorrow's public blue-chips, today. 

Our name Tioex (10x) is based on the fact that venture capital investors always want to be able to make at least 10 times the money on their investments in unlisted startups. It is something of an unwritten rule that if you raise capital as a startup, you must be able to credibly demonstrate how to deliver that return to your investors. Over the years, we ourselves have sat in hundreds of meetings as entrepreneurs and pitched to investors about how to get there.

“Private companies have huge potential upside. The challenge is that they are usually closed to investment. We created Tioex as a way to get ourselves in.”

Johan Hägglund

Founding Partner, CEO

We created Tioex as a way to get in ourselves

We have spent over 10 years building scalable tech companies backed by venture capitalists. We have always wanted to invest in similar companies that we built, but the problem today is that companies like Klarna, Cake and are closed to outside investment unless you are a fund. Investing in private growth companies usually involves large amounts of capital and is a very complicated process. We created Tioex as a new way to get in.


By having a group of members invest together with us who are partners at Tioex, we lower the amount required to invest. By investing together, Tioex can also streamline the administrative aspect of each investment and thus make it easier for the seller and the target company. This makes Tioex a relevant player in this sector and opens the door to a new world.


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