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Members ROI when Truecaller went public

10 months prior to Trucaller AB’s IPO on Nasdaq Stockholm on October 8th 2021, Tioex exclusively opened up the possibility for members to buy secondaries in the company. At this point, December 2020, there were speculations in the market about Truecallers intent to list the company, but it wasn't until September 2021 Truecaller officially announced its IPO intentions.

Tioex creates access and gives private investors the opportunity to invest in the most interesting private tech companies right now. Trucaller was one of Tioex´s first investments together with its member pool. The stocks were very sought after by the member base, so everyone that wanted could not invest in the first round. However, Tioex managed to land two more investment rounds before the IPO.

In time for the IPO, the Truecaller offering attracted very strong interest from large Swedish and international institutional investors as well as the general public in Sweden. The offering was multiple times oversubscribed. Truecaller´s IPO was one of the largest tech IPO´s in Europe in 2021.


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The final return on the investment was finalized in 2022 and the members' return on the investment was approximatly 3x per share, depending on when the stocks were acquired.

“The Truecaller case is a real testament to Tioex´s vision of making secondaries in attractive high growth tech companies available to private investors”

Johan Hägglund

Founder, Tioex

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