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Tioex is a member-

driven platform creating unprecedented access to the private tech market.

Privately held tech companies have created massive wealth. But most people cannot access or afford to invest in companies like SpaceX, Northvolt, and Klarna.
Tioex is on a mission to create new opportunity in the world of private tech investment. Built by a team of Sweden’s top tech operators, Tioex members co-invest to purchase secondary shares of tomorrow’s blue-chip tech companies, today.

A platform

for daring


Tioex members gain exclusive access to secondary shares of top private tech companies.

Live opportunity

A global payments and shopping service provider



June 11th

Investment deadline


 Status: 80% subscribed

Recent opportunity

Groundbreaking AI chip challenger







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Portfolio companies:

Investment rounds:

Private growth companies have significantly higher returns than the stock market

Over the past 20 years, private equity backed growth companies have generated an average return of 10x, while the stock market has returned 3.5x over the same time period.

Through Tioex, you have the opportunity to spice up your regular portfolio by building up holdings in unlisted tech companies.






The power of investing with Tioex

Simplified process

Tioex uses stringent criteria to identify the right opportunities. We then handle the entire process from start to finish

Build your own portfolio

Through Tioex, you have the opportunity to select which companies you want to invest in and start building your own portfolio

Shared upside

Our partners at Tioex invest alongside members for every new opportunity. We share the risks—and rewards—with all our members.

Unique access

We create opportunities to invest in the most exciting companies with well-known business angels and venture capital funds.

Tioex in the press

onoterade investeringar

January 16, 2024

Fancy buying shares in SpaceX? This fintech did so that you can too

onoterade investeringar

January 16, 2024

Considering SpaceX stock? This Swedish fintech paved the way for you to become co-owner of Elon Musk’s space tech giant

onoterade investeringar

January 16, 2024

Svenskar fick chansen – blir delägare i Space X

Truecaller exit

The caller ID and spam blocking app, Truecaller, was one of the very first investment opportunities for the Tioex´s member base.


When Truecaller later went public it was one of the largest tech IPO´s in Europe in 2021 and the return for members was 3x the investment.

  • What are the risks of investing in private companies?
    It’s important to understand the risks of investing in private companies: These are illiquid investments and your capital may be locked up for long periods of time These are risky investments and you may lose part or all of your holdings There is often limited information available to investors, as the companies are private and are not required to share information
  • What is the minimum amount required to invest with Tioex?
    The minimum investment level varies depending on the opportunity, but is generally around SEK 50,000.
  • How much does it cost to use Tioex?
    There are no fees to join Tioex or to invest in opportunities with us. In the event of an exit, investing members first recoup their initial investment. If there is profit beyond that, Tioex receives 20% of the overall amount.

Frequently asked questions

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